We Ijaro Clock, Located at Morbi-The Clock city of India, Manufactures clocks with different ideas of designs and style. We are caring 40 years of experience in horological industry.

The ubiquity of clocks is rising in today's technological era, and along with that comes the innovation in their types. Modern antique pendulum wall clocks are in great demand across all clocks. Pendulum clocks are a traditional alternative to modern clocks that use a battery and quartz crystal system to keep accurate time.

This type of wall clock is a good decorative option to fill your wall and provide a vintage look to your home. Pendulum clocks are a meaningful option for both classic and modern style homes.

As a leading antique pendulum wall clock india manufacturer, Ijaro Clock is a large-scale wholesale clock supplier that provides them to several nations. Our Pendulum clocks continue to be favoured by most homeowners and interior designers.

Our antique pendulum wall clocks are available in various styles and types like anchor pendulum clock, decorative pendulum clock, wooden look pendulum clock and simple pendulum clock. See our collection of pendulum wall clocks below to know more designs.