Top 10 Best Wall Clock Brands in India 2023

Top 10 Best Wall Clock Brands in India 2023

In the last couple of years, there has been a noticeable increase in demand for Indian wall clocks around the world. So what is the reason behind it?

Firstly, Indian wall clocks are affordable and made of high quality. Second, Indian wall clock manufacturers reflect Indian values in their clocks, thus, allowing them to customize and introduce trendy and attractive designs of wall clocks for their customers. Thirdly, Indian wall clock manufacturers are popular worldwide because of their understanding of import laws and other aspects, making delivery and top-notch services.

All these factors unanimously make Indian wall clock manufacturers popular around the world! Essentially these factors determine the best wall clock brand. We select some of the best wall clock companies in India depending upon the levels of compliance with these factors. Today, we have compiled a list that includes the best wall clock manufacturers in India in 2022.

List of Top 9 Best Wall Clock Companies in India in 2022

In addition to the above-mentioned 3 factors, other parameters govern the quality and authenticity of the “best wall clock brand”. Understanding and scrutinizing these parameters in the current diverse market is quite frankly a tedious job that takes up a lot of time and effort. That is why keeping in mind all the parameters, we have compiled a list of the best wall clock companies whose clocks you can use to decorate a commercial, or residential space or as a promotional gift. Here is the list of the top 10 Best Wall Clock Companies in India 2022:

1. Ajanta

Ajanta wall clocks are one of the pioneers in the wall clocks industry backed by ORPAT Group. They have developed an exciting collection of wall clocks for residential as well commercial settings. Their collection is fit for large and compact spaces. Ajanta is a popular brand throughout India for its chain of products and services. Their dedication to manufacturing affordable and attractive wall clocks earns them an entry in this list of “best wall clocks in India”.

2. Titan Wall Clock

Entering second in our list is Titan wall clocks. The majority of you might have heard about titan watches as they have been popular in the market for their premium wristwatches. Based on that, the expectations from titan wall clocks increases, and they live up to the expectation.

3. Casio

Casio is considered one of the original brands that introduced revolutionary watches for men and women. Casio manufactures one of the most high-quality clocks and is known for its vast collection. In the wall clocks industry, Casio has developed its name by delivering standard and classic wall clocks that never run out of style.

4. Opal

This wall clock brand justifies its place in our list of best wall clock companies as their wall clocks are incredibly versatile. While introducing trendy designs in the market, Opal has also focused on increasing its versatility by introducing new wall clocks for adults and kids! If you are planning to decorate your home with attractive wall clocks that are ideal for almost every occasion, consider Opal.

5. Seiko

Seiko offers authentic and unique wall clocks for your living rooms and bedrooms. The brand is known for its designer wall clocks. The brand is relatively expensive but offers enhanced durability and attractive designs to its customers.

6. Ijaro Wall Clock

Ijaro is one of the fastest-growing wall clock companies in India. Thus, qualifying them as one of the “best wall clock companies”. They are suitable for modern and vintage homeowners, as their collection of wall clocks is based on crucial customer feedback and customization.

Ijaro clock is situated in Morbi that focuses on delivering top-quality wall clocks with a plethora of designs that are ideal for homeowners and commercial settings. Entering our list of “Best wall clock brand in India in 2022”, Ijaro has been in the manufacturing industry since 2015 and continues to impress its clients with trendy designs and durable quality clocks.

7. Chumbak

For customers that want to go “out of the box” and decorate their homes with unconventional and stylish wall clocks, Chumbak is the brand for you. Chumbak means “magnet” in Sanskrit, and from a perspective, the brand does attract their customers and clients just like a “chumbak” does!

8. Rang Rage

The brand offers online vintage and traditional wall clocks in India with a contemporary feel. Rang rage focuses on improving its collection that includes multi color wall clock, kitchen wall clock, decorative home wall clock, handcrafted wall clock etc. Every customer has a different personality, and thus, they require unique wall clocks. Rang rage combats the diversification by introducing a plethora of material and design options for their wall clocks.

9. Solima

Down to the earth? Solimo might be the brand for you. The brand offers simple yet attractive designs that offer a minimalistic look at an economical price. There are positive customer reviews for this brand's wall clocks, so it can be said that Solima pays enough attention to customer satisfaction which attracts more people towards it.

The Indian market for wall clocks has seen a tremendous increase in competition. As urbanization hit the country, homeowners started installing attractive wall clocks as a gesture of resonance between their homes and personality. Over the last couple of years, the sales of Indian wall clocks spiked up by a big factor, primarily because of the increase in demand.

You can use the above-mentioned list to choose one of the clock manufacturers so that you don't get any confusion. Because we have considered several parameters before compiling the list.

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