Enhance Your Home's Style with the Best Wall Clocks in India

Enhance Your Home's Style with the Best Wall Clocks in India

Wall clocks have always been very popular in India. In our homes, they are not just timepieces but also a part of the style and statement of the house. People also see wall clocks as a beautiful gift on special occasions. Therefore India is a huge market and home of wall clock manufacturers. Since the advent of the wall clock India industry, there are many brands who established themselves as top sellers.

Many of their models captivate our minds and become the top-selling wall clocks in India. Today we are going to have a look at the best wall clock models that you can buy.

Top 6 Wall Clock Models You Can Buy in India

AQ-2147 Wall Clock - Ajanta Quartz

Ajanta wall clocks India is one of the premier brands in the world clock industry. They are known for their artistic designs and long-lasting wall clocks. The Ajanta Quartz Wall Clocks having model number AQ-2147 is one of the best-selling models out of the outrageous collection.

It has a simple but elegant design that represents traditional and classic wall clock design. The clock is powered by a quartz movement and is known for its accurate timekeeping. This model has a special corner in the hearts of Indians. Therefore you can find this wall clock in many Indian houses.

Non-Ticking Silent Cream Square Wall Clock - Star Work

Star Work wall clocks India is renowned for its modern design and experiential innovations. Their non-ticking silent quartz Wall clock’s best model is Cream Square Wall Clock. This clock has a modern appearance with a sleek design. Its metallic cream frame and light cream dial give it an amazing appeal.

It has a non-ticking quartz movement. Therefore it runs in silence, making it perfect for the bedrooms and study rooms. The clock also features luminous hands which makes it easily readable in dark.

Black Analog Quartz Wall Clock - Ijaro Clock

Ijaro wall clocks India is one of the emerging brands in the wall clock industry. They are gaining popularity for their bold design and quality manufacturing. It is a gorgeous clock with a classic touch in its appearance. It has a stunning black frame with a stylish white dial.

Ijaro wall clocks India is known for its unbeatable clock quality with the best quartz stones. It is one of the most accurate timepieces with quality quartz stone movement. Therefore it is a good example of aesthetic design and quality technology.

Analog Wall Clock (IQ-63-1DFA - WCL53) - Casio

This clock has a stylish and contemporary design with a silver frame and a black dial. The clock features a sweep second hand that moves smoothly and silently, making it perfect for quiet environments. The clock also has a quartz movement that ensures accurate timekeeping.

This model is made up of fine materials and hence represents the lush finish. Therefore it is also used as a designer wall clock to enhance the decorative appeal of walls.

Oreva Plastic Designer Wall Clock (Brown, Mandala Art Pattern)

Oreva wall clocks India is an established brand and has a huge customer base. Their wall clocks are popular for excellent craftsmanship. The Oreva Brown Designer Wall Clock is a stylish and modern clock that features a unique and eye-catching contemporary design with a mandala art pattern that adds visual interest to any room. The clock is 20 cm X 20 cm in size, making it a great size for most rooms.

The clock also features a silent sweep movement that ensures accurate timekeeping without the ticking noise. It comes with a hook for easy installation. Overall, this Oreva Wall Clock is a unique and stylish clock that would make a great addition to any home or office.

The Divine Handcrafted Antique Wooden Wall Clock

The Devine Crafts wall clocks in India are one of the popular brand in manufacturing handcrafted antique clocks. Their handcrafted antique wooden wall clock is an eye-luring example of craftsmanship. It is one of the top-selling handcrafted clocks in India.

The clock features antique-style detailing, including a peacock bird theme, and carved flourishes with decorative wood material that gives it a vintage and timeless feel. The clock has 30 inches in diameter. Therefore it represents a bold statement on your walls.


We have seen the most popular clock models in the Indian market by some popular brands. But there are a lot of designs left that are full of charm and artistry. With the expanding circumference of wall clocks Indian industry, we know many more top models are yet to come. So it is up to you to decide which clock will be more suitable for your home.

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