Vintage Clock Manufacturers: Learn About Top Brands And Their History

Top 6 World’s Leading Vintage Clock Manufacturers [2023]

Vintage clocks have been a part of the world’s culture across diverse countries for centuries. These types of clocks, from victorian home clocks to the sleek deco mental clocks, are some of the masterpieces created by the top clock manufacturers in the world. These vintage clock manufacturers not only create timeless timepieces but also craft luring designs. The craftsmanship and precision of these clocks are a synonym for the skill and innovation of their manufacturers.

In this blog, we will explore the top vintage clock manufacturers in the world and their unique histories that have contributed to the development of the clock industry.

Top 6 World’s Leading Vintage Clock Manufacturers

Ansonia Clock Company

Ansonia Clock Company is a well-known name among vintage clock manufacturers in the world. Anson C. Phelps started this company in the mid-eighties. This company was very famous for its iron and wooden clock models. Ansonia Clocks has given many timeless models to the wall clock industry, out of which the Gingerbread model is the most special.

The history of Ansonia clocks has been very interesting. This company faced a lot of difficulties in the initial phase but due to its unique design gradually became a leading clock manufacturer in the world. The phonograph test of Thomas Edition was also associated with his clock models.

Due to a fire in the company in the late 80s, the company was shifted from Connecticut to Brooklyn. But due to this incident, there was no visible decrease in the clock quality of the company. In fact, in the very next decade, it achieved the milestone of launching a total of 440 different models of wall clocks. Ansonia Clock Company was always famous for its reasonable price range and customer-centric approach. A great example of this is the "new clocks at old pricing" selling model during World War One.

The Seth Thomas Clock Company

The Seth Thomas Clock Company is one of the top vintage clock manufacturers located in the USA. The company was founded in 1813 by Seth Thomas in Plymouth Hollow, Connecticut. Seth Thomas is known for its mass manufacturing and quality of wall clocks.

Due to its extensive production facilities, Thomas was able to build affordable clocks that are accessible to the general public. Therefore the Seth Thomas Clock Company played an important role in the development of the vintage clock industry.


Jaeger-LeCoultre is a Swiss vintage clock manufacturer known for its precision engineering. The company has received numerous awards for its contributions to the watchmaking industry. It was founded by Antoine LeCoultre in 1833. The unique thing is their clocks are powered by changes in temperature and can run for years without needing to be wound. Jaeger-LeCoultre is known for its clocks that feature multiple complications. Their vintage clocks also feature artistic dials that are decorated with enamel or even diamonds.

The Chelsea Clock Company

The Chelsea Clock Company is a clock manufacturer based in Chelsea. The company was founded in 1897 and has been producing high-quality clocks ever since. Chelsea Clock Company is known for its unique and high-quality vintage ship clocks. These clocks were originally produced for the US Navy during World War II. But with time they have become famous clock manufacturers due to their accuracy.

Howard Miller

Howard Miller is a clock manufacturer based in Zeeland, Michigan. The company was founded by Howard C. Miller in the early 90s. Howard Miller is known for its high-quality chiming clocks. These clocks feature chimes that play at regular intervals. Howard Miller also produces vintage clocks with contemporary designs that are perfect for modern homes and offices. Their vintage clocks are the benchmark for style as they are made using high-quality materials and skilled craftsmanship.

Gilbert Clock Company

Gilbert Clock Company is another top clock manufacturing company from the early 80s. The company constructs its large and beautiful building on the banks of a beautiful river in Connecticut. The Gilbert Clock Company holds a unique place in the history of vintage clock manufacturers. Gilbert's vintage clocks were classy to look at and represents a perfect example of excellent craftsmanship.

Apart from being the best in quality, Gilbert clocks were also very affordable in terms of price. Along with making reasonable wall clocks, the Gilbert Clock Company also helped the country's economy a lot. In the late 80s, Gilbert's earned the title of being the nation's largest employer.

Introducing Ijaro Wall Clocks

Ijaro clock is a leading brand of wall clocks in India. Our company produces a wide range of wall clocks with unique designs and features. Our vintage wall clocks feature antique designs that are perfect for classy homes and offices.

These clocks operate without making any ticking noises that are useful to create a quiet environment. Our wall clocks are also resistant to wear and tear and are built to withstand the rigors of everyday use.


We have seen the top brands across the globe in the field of vintage clock manufacturers. All of them have a glorious history and contributed significantly to the world clock industry. Their excellent craftsmanship and innovative ideas delivered us some incomparable timepieces that will enhance the decor of our homes for centuries.

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