Best Wall Clocks in India for Homes and Offices

Best Wall Clocks in India for Homes and Offices

The overall appearance of your home or office will become better if you put up a wall clock to match the design and style of your spaces. Wall clocks are indispensable since they keep you on schedule, keep you on track, help you focus, and also add elegance to your decor.

Wall clocks suppliers provide customers with various designs, patterns, and sizes of wall clocks in india, and it is equally important to pick the perfect clock that matches your decor. While purchasing wall clocks India any individual should constantly consider the product's type, construction, endurance, use case, area of use, and battery capacity before purchasing the same.

Here we have put up a list of the top wall clocks available in India that you can choose from:

10 Best Wall Clocks in India for Bedrooms, Kitchens, Dining Rooms, Living Rooms, Homes, and Offices

Ijaro Decorative Wall Clock 5004

As its name suggests, Ijaro Decorative Wall Clock 5004 is a wall-mounted decorative clock that can be perfect for your living room, kitchen, dining room, etc. This square-shaped clock has been made using glass and plastic as its main material. This particular clock is mechanical in nature and uses both sweep movement and step movement technology.

Ajanta Night Glow Radium Plastic Wall Clock

This Ajanta wall clock has a night glow feature. It can be utilized in the bedroom, workplace, living room, etc. It is built of high-quality plastic with a radium dial to ensure clear readability even at night. Its large dial and night glow appearance should make it easy to read the time even during low light. You can easily hang this clock on a wall. More importantly, you won’t be disturbed by its ticking because it operates quietly.

Oreva Plastic Abstract Vintage Wall Clock

The Oreva Plastic Abstract Vintage wall clock by Oreva can be a wonderful alternative to consider if you are searching for a vintage-style wall clock to spruce up your living area. It is built of strong, long-lasting plastic to ensure that it will perform for a very long time. It features a hardwood finish appearance manufactured of superior plastic to give the interiors an antique feel. It is constructed of strong and long-lasting materials.

This wall clock is offered with a stylish, contemporary dial with huge numerals in cement gray. Most people are attracted to this beautiful piece of wall clock because of its utilitarian art. High-quality materials are used to create the white frame. It is easy to read because it has large display numbers and a front glass cover. More importantly, this wall clock can go well with any conventional, classical, or modern home design.

Floral Design Analog Wall Clock by RoyalsCart

This wall clock introduced by RoyalsCart is a classic wall clock that can offer you an antique feeling and it has been specially designed and handcrafted by expert artisans. Every part of this glamorous clock signifies Indianness. If you have wall art at your home then this particular wall clock definitely matches the aesthetic of your wall.

Ijaro Pendulum Wall Clock 7006

A lot of people prefer to have a pendulum wall clock at their home because it gives us a classic feeling. If you are looking for one such pendulum wall clock that also comes with a contemporary design then you should definitely check out Ijaro Pendulum Wall Clock 7006. It is a high-quality pendulum clock made using plastic and glass. This battery-run wall clock has an analog display. Due to its versatile design, it can practically be installed at any place.

Casio Round Resin Wall Clock

Casio is undoubtedly one of the best manufacturers of wall clocks. If you are looking for a wall clock that has both a contemporary and classic feeling then you should definitely opt for Casio Round Resin Wall Clock. Although it is a minimalistic clock, with comparatively huge numerals the round and woody structure of this clock showcases an amalgamation of classic with modern. More importantly, this wall clock is highly durable because it has been manufactured using resin.

SMARTCARE Wood Round Roman Numerals Wall Clock

Use this Smartcare Wood wall cock to improve the appearance of your decor. It offers both usefulness and flair, making it appropriate for various areas. It uses high-quality equipment in order to prevent the ticking sound and guarantee precise timing. More importantly, there are roman numerals imprinted on this wall clock which means it also offers a vintage look. Not only can this analog wall clock offer you a luxurious experience but it also has clock hands made out of metal to perfectly match its overall charisma.

Amazon Brand - Solimo Plastic & Glass Wall Clock

With its appealing design, this Solimo circular wall clock can upgrade the style of your décor. Anyone can easily see the time thanks to the dial's big, bold digits. It is regarded as the ideal clock size for any living room and the clock comes with a 2.4 cm width and 12-inch diameter. It incorporates a quiet sweep mechanism to assure noiseless operation. It is an appropriate wall clock if you want to use it in the workplace, bedroom, and living room.

Unravel Double-Sided Clock

Cast iron is used to make this two-sided wall clock (manufactured by Unravel India). This wall clock is appropriate for hanging on walls and should give the room's decor an antique and vintage feel. It is easier to view time from both directions thanks to its double-sided construction.

Ijaro Antique Wall Clock 208

If you are a fan of antique items then Ijaro Antique Wall Clock 208 can be the perfect choice for you. This brown-colored wall clock manufactured by the Ijaro clock is made out of glass and plastic. You will require a battery to run this quartz mechanical clock. This analog clock uses silent sweep technology, therefore you won’t have to worry about any kind of noise while using this wall-mounted clock.

If you are looking for a beautiful wall clock to decorate your home, office, etc. then you can certainly search for or inquire about the above-mentioned wall clocks from wall clocks suppliers and select the one that suits your taste.

Ijaro Clocks is India's leading wall clocks suppliers in the wall clocks India manufacturing industry. We supply wall clocks to dealers & wholesalers across the globe. To know more visit the official website of Ijaro clock today! You will come across a variety of wall clocks that are appropriate for numerous places or environments.

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