How Wall Clocks Are Made By A Clock Manufacturing Company?

How Wall Clocks Are Made By A Clock Manufacturing Company?

A Clock manufacturing company launches its best designs of wall clocks every year. These wall clocks tell the correct time and are top art pieces for home and office decor. But have you ever thought that how these wall clocks are made inside the factory? How a wall clock is designed and what is the engineering behind it?

We, Ijaro Clocks, have come up with answers to all these questions. As a leading clock manufacturing company, let us show you the magic behind wall clock manufacturing.

How A Clock Manufacturing Company Makes It Possible

1. Designing & Raw Materials

Raw Materials: Clock manufacturing companies require different raw materials for different clocks. For example; Ijaro makes plastic quartz wall clocks. That's why we need quartz crystal and plastic as raw materials.

External Dimensions: In any clock, its external dimensions like thickness, length, and depth matter a lot. Along with giving a beautiful look to the clock, it is also responsible for its longevity. Therefore, you will see that the exterior workmanship of wall clocks is beautiful as well as very technical.

Internal Components: Like external dimensions, the right choice of internal components is also very important. For internal structure Clocks, manufacturers generally use metallic parts. But nowadays stainless steel parts are very famous.

2. Process Selection

The most important step for a clock manufacturing company is selecting the right process. There are different methods for making different parts of the clock. For example; we use the casting method to make plastic wall clocks.

For the frame of the wall clock, makers generally employ casting. Melting materials and putting them into a casting are necessary for this procedure. The frame might be composed of a variety of components. Plastic and wood are two of the most common.

Clock manufacturers use lesser cutting methods to make dials. But there are still many clock manufacturing companies that believe in hand-crafted dials. Tic markings can be created using software applications, copied, and applied to the dial.

3. Manufacturing In Detail

Acquiring ideas for various types of clock internal mechanisms is the best fit. we consult with our expert product designer to find a set of gears mechanisms that worked best for us, and then we painstakingly drew those gears using CAD. For the bottom, which is the major basis of our clock, we gather all of the components and merge them all crossing each other, trimming the entire area that is inside the clock portion. Then you have a beautiful gear outline left.

After we decided on the design and internal mechanism, the next step was to decide on the size. For example; our clock measures 320x320 mm in height and width, respectively. The size depends on the clock design and the clock manufacturing company.

They may make it bigger or smaller, but we generally construct a larger design. The smaller the diameter of the milling tool, the finer the details. Some clock manufacturers also use MDF as the material. It's an excellent material to work with, and the paint finish is flawless.

After deciding the size, we select the outer limit of the clock and begin to make a basic design structure. The next stage is to assemble different parts of the wall clock.

4. Making The Clock Colourful

Now it's time to Remove the tabs and prepare for the coloring step. Instead of brushing, we utilize spray paint for the painting procedure. First, we apply two coats of primer to ensure that the paint adheres to the surface.

To make it more premium, we generally use golden and silver hues. we believe it works quite well. After painting these clocks, two coats of clear finish are usually applied. It creates a gleaming hard surface on the paint, protecting the clock surface from wear and tear and preventing the paint from fading.

5. Quality Check

A good clock manufacturing company is one that inspects the clock properly after making it. Because it is the responsibility of the company to provide the best wall clock to the customer. Ijaro clock is the best quartz wall clock manufacturing company as we assure 100% quality work to you. These are the basic process of making clocks. We hope you have learned a lot from this blog.

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