Things To Look Out For In The Care Of Wall Clocks

Things To Look Out For In The Care Of Wall Clocks

Apart from showing time, wall clocks have become an excellent method to beautify homes and offices. Therefore there is a high craze for wall clocks among people. Even some wall clock manufacturers and exporters are giving a designer look to their models.

But beauty comes with sensitivity. We can also say the same for wall clocks. This implies that appropriate care and maintenance of wall clocks are critical. If you do not follow the necessary actions, your beloved clock's terrible time may begin.

Don't worry, it's not that difficult. You only need to keep a few things in mind to ensure that your wall clock functions properly. We will assist you in locating those critical spots.

In this blog, we will give you a complete guide on:

How You Can Take Care Of Your Wall Clock?

In this part of the blog, we will see step by step how we can take proper care of wall clocks.

1. Organizing Of Wall Clock

Dust buildup can cause antique wall clocks to cease working. So cleaning wall clocks is critical, especially for wooden and antique wall clocks.

Let's take a closer look at the cleaning procedure.

A. Remove your wall clock with care Antique and glass wall clocks should be removed with care. After dismantling it, carefully separate its various pieces.

B. Dusting and Brushing When wall clocks are not cleaned for an extended period of time, they accumulate a coating of dust. Brushing and dusting can help you get rid of this dust.

C. Polishing and Waxing After a while, the surfaces of plastic and wooden wall clocks get rough. You can improve the surface by waxing and polishing it.

2. Clock Positioning

The placement of wall clocks is essential for their longevity. Let's look at a few instances to understand better.

A. Assume you have a plastic wall clock that you hang above the fireplace. Heat has the potential to harm it. As a result, plastic clock providers always advise keeping the clock away from the fireplace.

B. Similarly, if the glass clock is hanging too low, children may break it while playing. This can potentially cause harm. As a precaution, keep your wall clock in a safe and secure location.

3. Maintenance

If your wall clock is quite old, it will need to be repaired within a few months. Always remember that while performing repairs, you should only utilize original components.

Along with repairing, oiling of clocks is also necessary. Proper maintenance gives your wall clock a long life. But nowadays stainless steel clocks come which do not require oiling.

4. Keep The Clock Running

If the clock ever stops, it should not be allowed to remain closed for a long time. It reduces the life span of the clock. Always see that if your clock is ever falling off, try oiling it. If the oiling also doesn't work, take it to a horologist or clock repairer. It is possible that due to a single part, the clock has stopped completely. You can also try to remove dusting. Sometimes due to the accumulation of dust in the parts, they don’t work properly.

5. Technical Upkeep

Batteries power automatic clocks and quartz wall clocks. That is why, as soon as the battery runs out, a new one must be installed.

Quartz clocks rely on an electronic oscillator mechanism, in which the pendulum plays a significant role. Consequently, proper maintenance of the pendulum is important. Also, try not to use a wet towel when wiping.

Reputable clock makers always include instruction manuals to help you get started. Always refer to the handbook while doing clock maintenance.

6. Separately Caring For Various Areas

A wall clock is made up of many parts. It is critical to care for each component independently.

For example, Gentle brushing of glass apparatus is essential. Similarly, to get rid of junk from iron parts, sometimes it has to be rubbed with sandpaper. Wooden parts require waxing for smoothing. So at the same time, stainless steel parts require extra shinning.

By following all these steps properly, you can keep your wall clock brand new. Tell us how you felt after reading it. And if you haven't bought a wall clock yet to decorate your home and workplace, then visit our collection now. Crack exciting deals on a variety of designer wall clocks.

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