Types Of Wooden Wall Clocks That You Must Buy

Types Of Wooden Wall Clocks That You Must Buy

Wall clock manufacturers have introduced several different types of wall clocks in the market to meet the demand. The need for wooden wall clocks has also increased considerably as they rise to the trend. It is essentially a type of wall clock that has a wooden look style, thus, they are considered vintage yet contemporary.

There are different types of wooden wall clocks available in the market. So in this blog, we will take a look at some of their types and understand its applications. These clocks are bifurcated based on design, geometry, and personal customization.

Wooden Wall Clocks - What Are They?

Wooden wall clocks are wall clocks made out of wood or feature a real wood look. They are incredibly beautiful to look at and deliver a great aesthetic to the surrounding. What is even more amazing is its vintage appearance. These clocks are incredibly versatile and blend in with the atmosphere without compromising on their visual appearance.

Essentially these clocks enhance the overall look of the space. The next important question that arises is their type. Yes, these clocks are versatile and contemporary and hence it is important to scrutinize the options to select the ideal vintage wooden wall clock for your space. Let’s take a look at the types of wooden wall clocks.

Types Of Wooden Wall Clocks

  1. Geometrical Wall Clocks

These wooden wall clocks are essentially made into a geometrical shape. There are subtypes to geometrical shapes and they deliver a minimalistic look to the room. These wall clocks are mainly used for offices and personal workspaces where a simple and clean look is preferable. The subtypes of these wall clocks are; square, rectangle, circle, oval, and hexagonal. It is quite blatant that these wall clocks are rather simple looking and classic.

  1. Designer Wooden Clocks

These wall clocks are personalized as they are designed per the customer's taste. Designer vintage wooden wall clocks are mainly considered for occasions and gifts because they reflect the character. These wooden clocks are increasing in popularity because of the new trend of gifts and promotions.

  1. Handcrafted Wall Clocks

These wooden wall clocks hold a significant value of craftsmanship as they are carved by hand. Thus an essence of originality is often observed in these wall clocks. These handcrafted vintage wooden wall clocks can be expensive but the price is justified. A unique piece of craft is priceless.

  1. Hanging Wall Clocks

The most popular variant of these wall clocks is the pendulum wooden wall clock . They were extremely popular in the 20th century and still deliver excellent aesthetics. These wooden clocks deliver authentic vibes and are recommended for living rooms. The past linked with these wall clocks makes them an ideal piece for retro homes as these clocks have the potential to reflect the epitome of vintage style.

  1. Idol Wall Clock

Clocks are carved in shapes that reflect idols. These clocks are generally ideal for decorative purposes and are extremely popular gifts options. These clocks are best for gifts that ignite a sense of unanimity with time and also represent the idol.

Importance Of Wooden Wall Clocks

The above points make it quite clear that a wooden clock is suitable for every personality. Some are linked with history and blend in and enhance the aura. These wall clocks deliver excellent aesthetics to the room and hence hold incredible importance. The places of origin and the design which is native to that place are reflected in the wooden wall clocks.

Wooden wall clocks have become popular among homeowners and interior designers. Wall clock suppliers have identified this trend and built high-quality wall clocks for every occasion and personality. These wall clocks are available in different designs that have been mentioned above. Based on your preference you can leverage this blog to select the ideal wooden wall clock for your space.

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